"all thoughts are prey to some beast"

Construction renderings for domes

Swan by David Shrigley

Anna Betbeze
Ryan Thayer
MIcrogram (invisible geometry) 05
20.3 x 25.5 cm

"Micrograms (invisible geometry) are derived from the same process as the earlier Micrograms photographs using larger sheets of paper that have been folded to fit into the interior of the microwave oven, resulting in the recording of multiple images onto a single page. As the signals attempt to wrap around and pass through the paper layers the surface becomes overloaded, creating interferences, multiple exposures and burning along the edges. Just as having too many tabs open in your browser causes it to crash, these photographic pages struggle to hold all of the incoming information simultaneously."

Object & Totem
Brendan Timmins
Calvin Ross Carl
Club 21 Matchbook
Acrylic, canvas
16 x 20 inches (41 x 51 cm)
(via Calvin Ross Carl)
Calvin Ross Carl
A Cautionary Tale, A Humble Brag
Acrylic, canvas
20 x 24 inches (51 x 61 cm) 
(via Calvin Ross Carl)
Situated in Aschau, in Bavaria, Germany, berge is a former 17th century bakery now converted into a sustainable self-catering alpine guesthouse. Designed by Nils Holger Moormanescuyer:

Minimal interior design (via Pin by Escuyer on Interior Design | Pinterest)
All yellow backpack! In the webshop now. Photo by @michaelpopp